Once we’ve met + reviewed your project details, gotten to know you + your style, and taken notes on your project’s unique features, the design process begins.  The first step is space planning + budgeting for the project. I lay out floor plan options which could entail moving walls if necessary, specifying electrical needs, and of course determining furniture locations.  Along with this I'll pull imagery + design inspiration for style boards so you can see your style + the direction of the project start to come to life.

Typically, 2-3 space plans are developed along with style board options to present to you along with a preliminary budget of proposed items.


During the project development stage, we'll work together on making sure all the points on your style + the design needs are hit as well as making sure the budget is where you need it to be with all of the design pieces in place. I'll keep you included on all updates --- like style boards and budgets --- and send those your way for approval as the project develops.


When all is approved + furniture is selected we start the buying process. Proposals of each item are sent your way for approval + payment + once that’s collected, the purchasing process begins on our end.  A timeline will also be developed based on material + furniture lead-times and the time it takes to facilitate the project.

During this phase, any remodeling or contractor work will begin as needed. 


After the contractors finish their end of the deal we are ready for clean up + install!  This is where your vision comes to life!  My team will install everything + style your space to turnkey mode. All you will need to do is sit back + enjoy your new space!